Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day Rocks!

Flowers, a card, some chocolate that I would feel guilty eating, a dinner out.....that is what I was expecting for Valentine's Day. But, this is the second year in a row that Phillip has totally surprised me. When I walked in the first thing I saw was not flowers but an fruit bouquet. Better then flowers! We can both enjoy the fruit (half of it chocolate covered!) and I don't have to clean up the mess when the flowers dry up! Then I saw the jewelry bag........I had not asked for anything so I was a little worried.
Of course I LOVE them, but the best part was that he said he had been waiting for years to get them for me. How sweet!

On another subject, earlier this month Sadie celebrated her 7th birthday. I guess I have made enough doggy cakes for her to recognize the smell because as soon as I start mixing the ingredients she gets excited and then she stands by the oven while it is baking. Somehow beyond a doubt she knows that it is hers!

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