Thursday, March 20, 2008

That Amazing Clevinger Clan

Yes today was my last day and it was wonderful and all...but on to even more exciting news!

One of my friends from pharmacy school, Lindsey and her husband Cortney recently adopted an adorable baby from Ethiopia, but evidently having a new baby, a new job, and newly built house was just not enough to keep her busy! I just read on her blog that they have gotten the go ahead to adopt an 8 year old girl that they met while they were in Ethiopia! I knew when I read the first sentence of the blog that she was about to make a big announcement. I could not be happier for this amazing family! Most importantly I could not be happier for Pacey! Pacey is their black lab, and I am sure that Lindsey is giving him lots of love and attention, but I think he will be thrilled to have this little girl to run around with!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

One More To Go

Tomorrow is the day that I have been looking forward to for 4 years. Tomorrow when I leave Waynesboro hospital I will officially be done with rotations forever. It is very exciting but also scary knowing that my life as a student is almost over and the real world is tapping on my door.
I guess if I ever become nostalgic I should just look at my student loans and that should take care of that!
As good as it will feel tomorrow, I can't imagine how I will feel when I am done with those two little test that will make these four years actually mean something!
Just as a side note, Monday will be the 11th anniversary of the first day that I walked into the pharmacy at Kmart and began my pharmacy career. If I remember correctly, Dave had red hair back then! Maybe it was working with me that turned it white......

What's in a Title?

In my first attempt at blogging, I wanted to explain the title of my blog. Before I begin I have to give credit to my sister who actually suggested the title. Thanks Andie!

It all started with Penny, my black lab growing up, and my grandfather. One of my grandfather's favorite activities was flipping through the channels and yelling at the people on the t.v before flipping to the next channel. When we visited, Penny would always stand in front of the t.v. effectively blocking my grandfather's view and he would always say "Dag burnt, get out of the way two cents". Of course my brother, sister, and myself would always get mad and tell him that her name was not two cents it was Penny!

Many years later after both Penny and my grandfather were gone and I was married, I got my own puppy and of course she was a black lab. I had decided long before I saw her that I wanted to name my first puppy Penny 2cents, but after looking at her face I knew that I could never call her Penny without thinking about how much I missed the first Penny. In the end we called her Sadie, but we kept 2cents as her middle name in honor of both my grandfather and Penny.

In addition to that heartwarming story, this blog is me putting my 2 cents in, so there you go!